8 Recommended Bait Reels for Beginning Bass Fishermen

In bass fishing, bait reels are often used instead of spinning reels used in ocean fishing.

Although spinning reels can be used for bass fishing without any problems, using a bait reel is the best part of bass fishing.

So, for beginners who are buying their first bait reel, this article will explain in detail how to choose your first one.

We’ve picked up three bait reels that we can actually recommend from Daiwa, Shimano, and Abu Garcia, so please take a look at them for reference.

How to Choose Your First Bait Reel

First, let’s look at how to choose your first bait reel.
Knowing about each of them will help you avoid regrets after you buy one.

One unit is versatile enough to be used for many things.

There are models of bait reels that are specialized to handle heavy lures and models developed to handle lighter lures.

But that is not suitable for the first one. For your first one, you should choose one that can handle a wide range of lures from light to heavy.

You can tell if the bait reel you want can handle a wide range of lures by looking at the specs, but for those who don’t know how to look at the specs, we’ve picked out only those that can handle a wide range of lures.

One that is hard to backlash

Backlash is the most difficult thing for beginners to deal with when handling a bait reel.

The higher the price of the reel, the less likely it is to the backlash, so if you have the budget, it is best to choose a model with the highest performance possible.

In recent years, however, the performance of cheap bait reels has improved dramatically, and there are many bait reels in the 10,000 yen range that are resistant to backlash.

In this article, we have picked up inexpensive bait reels that are resistant to backlash.

Right-handed or left-handed, depending on your dominant hand.

Bait reels come in two types, right-handed and left-handed, and these are not interchangeable as freely as spinning reels.

Therefore, you need to decide which one you want at the time of purchase.
Some advanced bass fishermen are right-handed but use a left-handed bait reel, but for beginners, it is recommended to match your dominant hand.

If you can’t wind it properly, it will be hard to catch black bass, so try to choose the one that is easiest for you to wind.

Six recommended bait reels for your first one

Now, let’s take a look at six bait reels that we actually recommend.

We have picked up only the ones that fit into the selection method introduced above, so if you are not sure which one to choose, please choose one of these.

Recommendation #1: Daiwa 21 PR100

The PR100 is one of the most affordable bait reels that Daiwa sells and can be purchased for under 10,000 yen.

Even though it costs less than 10,000 yen, it is equipped with the MEGAFORCE magnetic brake, which Daiwa is proud of, and has the same performance as the older models.

Therefore, even beginners will be able to handle it comfortably without backlash.
For the spool, an aluminum 33mm diameter spool is used, which is versatile and easy to cast the most basic lures of 10g to 20g.

If you’re looking for a bait reel that costs as little as possible but still works well, you should definitely consider buying one.

Recommendation 2: Daiwa Bass X

The Bass X is a bait reel from Daiwa’s entry model series, the X series.

The list price is less than 10,000 yen (9,000 yen), and yet it has enough performance to satisfy bass fishing professionals.

The handle is 90mm, which is longer than most bait reels, so even those with less strength can comfortably reel in heavy lures.

The spool is smaller than the PR100, with a 32mm diameter spool, so it can handle lighter lures.

The small diameter spool has a high rotation speed, so even beginners will be able to achieve a considerable flying distance.

This bait reel has a wide range of lure weights that it can handle.

Recommendation 3: Daiwa TATULA SVTW

The TATTOURA SVTW is the most powerful bait reel in terms of cost performance, offering the highest level of Daiwa performance for around 20,000 yen.

“The TWS and 32mm duralumin spools are used to increase the flying distance of the reel, making it one of the best bait reels on the market.

In addition, Daiwa’s original casting system called “SV Concept” can comfortably handle lures from 10g or less to nearly 30g without backlash.

The reel is also very comfortable to reel, so beginners will surely love using it until they become experts.

The shape of the reel is the same as Daiwa’s best bait reel, the Steez.

Recommendation 4: Shimano Bass One XT

The Bass One XT is the most reasonably priced bait reel available from Shimano at under 10,000 yen.

Even though it costs less than 10,000 yen, it uses Shimano’s famous SVS brake and can handle lures from 10g to 20g as comfortably as the top models.

Furthermore, the ball bearings are made of highly durable “SA-RB”, so durability is not a problem.

The size is not too small and not too large, and it is easy to grip, so even children and women can handle it without any problem. The design has also been redesigned to look like a cool, modern high-end reel.

Recommendation 5: Shimano SLX MGL

The SLXMGL is a high-cost performance bait reel that is priced in the low 20,000 yen range but is equipped with the latest technology such as the HAGANE body and Magnum Light Spool.

In addition, the SVS∞ brake system, which is also used in higher-end models, allows you to cast a wide range of lures from light to heavy with ease.

The durability of the reel is also excellent, and in terms of overall specifications, it is not inferior to the top models.

The design of the reel itself does not look out of place on any rod and ensures comfortable fishing even when used with inexpensive rods.

Recommendation 6: Shimano Scorpion MGL

The Scorpion MGL is equipped with the “Micro Module Gear”, which is also found in Shimano’s top model, the Metanium.

This bait reel is attractive for its smooth and powerful reeling feeling that lasts for a long time.

The Magnum Light Spool and SVS ∞ brake are used for the spool and the casting performance is outstanding.

It is a bait reel that is more suitable for casting slightly heavier lures (around 20g) than lighter lures. The red-based design is representative of Shimano’s Scorpion colors, and it is recommended to use it with Scorpion rods.

Recommendation 7: Abu Garcia Roxani

The Roxani is a bait reel in the I 10,000 yen range sold by Abu Garcia.
Its lightness due to its aluminum body is a major attraction, and its lightness specs are not inferior to reels costing more than 30,000 yen.

In addition, the brake system called “Infinity Brake System” is a combination of magnetic brake and centrifugal brake, and it combines the good points of Shimano and Daiwa bait reels.

The carbon handle is a feature only found on Abu Garcia reels, and its lightweight makes it light to reel.

It is recommended for those who are looking for a light and inexpensive reel.

Recommendation 8: Abu Garcia Revo X

The Revo X is the most affordable model among Abu Garcia’s representative bait reel series, Revo.

Although the price is less than 10,000 yen, the performance is excellent with a solid Revo series feel, and it features an aluminum body and the Magtrax III brake system.

The aluminum body and “Magtrax III brake system” are designed to handle a wide range of lures of different weights comfortably.
In addition, the handle is 90mm long, which enables you to wind heavy lures powerfully.

The handle is 90mm long, so you can wind heavy lures with great power, and it can also be used for special fishing methods, so even advanced anglers will be satisfied.

Enjoy bass fishing with a bait reel that lets you cast comfortably!

In bass fishing, the performance of the reel has a greater impact on the catch than in other types of fishing.

Especially for beginners, bait reels are difficult to handle, so it is important to choose one that can be used more securely.

The eight bait reels introduced here all have excellent cost performance and are recommended as a first unit.

If you are thinking of starting bass fishing, please try to find your favorite reel from this list.


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