Targeting big fish! Six large spinning reels from Shimano and Daiwa

This article is based on a Japanese article and has been machine translated.

Large fish such as GT, tuna and yellowtail are the fish that every angler dreams of catching.

In order to catch these fish, it is essential to have a durable reel that can withstand the power of the fish, and the stronger the reel, the better your chances of catching them.

In this article, we will explain how to choose a reel that is durable enough to fight with large fish without worry, and introduce some recommended large reels.
If you want to try your hand at catching big fish such as GT and tuna, please refer to this article.

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Let’s aim at Flatfish from surf!

Luxury fish at the sea Flatfish. Salt lure fishing is a popular target. This time I will introduce Tackle that I recommend to Flatfish which is aimed at lure.

About Flatfish


In Japan it is called “Hirame”. If the water temperature is between 15 and 25 degrees, you can aim from the surf. The optimum water temperature is 18 degrees to 20 degrees and likes a little cold water. In the Northern Hemisphere, the opportunity will increase to become the optimum water temperature in the fall from now. In winter, the number of individuals decreases, but it is a chance to aim for a large size. Flatfish in winter is the most delicious season as meat grows thick.

Time zone of fishing


Like other fish, dawn and before sunset is a chance. If it is summer it is a morning with low water temperature, if it is winter it will be aiming from the daytime to the evening when the water temperature rises.

Flatfish fishing tackle


In Japan, until around 20 years ago there was no angler who aimed at flounder flounder. It is a new field even in lure fishing.

In the early period, rods and lures for Seabass were diverted, but now the special items are enriched. Let’s check the tackle of the surf game.

Flatfish exclusive series of rods “Nessa”and”Lateo”

Surf rods are characterized as having a long length of 9 to 11 feet as long cast performance is required. For beginners, a soft rod of about 10 feet is recommended.

Shimano Nessa BB S1002M

It is the best one for entry!

$195.74 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano Nessa CI4+ S1008 MMH

Popular standard model!

$322.15 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Daiwa Lateo FJ 103ML

Flatfish specification of the Lateo series popular as Seabass rod!

$236.52 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Recommended reel for Flatfish

Spinning reel of 3000 – 4000 size which Braided line 10 lb can wrap more than 5 ft is recommended. In the surf, the line is flushed to the wind, so we recommend High Gear or Extra High gear, which is quick recovery of line slack.

Shimano Stadic CI4+ 3000XGM

Lightweight reel with excellent cost performance!

$219.62 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

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Shimano New Twin Power XD 4000 XG

High rigidity × Magnum light rotor

$388.26 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

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Shimano 18 Stella 4000XG

Experience the best winding feel!

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

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Daiwa 18 Cardia LT4000-CXH

Astonishingly lighter machine Cardia

$207.86 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Daiwa 18 Exist LT4000-CXH

Daiwa’s flagship reel!

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

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Let’s enjoy Flatfish fishing at the surf!

Source:Duo Facebook

Flatfish is a fish that can be caught a lot more than imagined depending on the location. If you adjust the points and timing, there are unexpected big fishes. Would you like to visit the surf in search of Flatfish?


Recommend Shimano Spinning reel New Stella

18 Stella is a renewal model of Shimano’s best spinning reel “Stella” that was shown at the 2018 Japan fishing show. It will be a reel that many anglers yearn for. This time we will introduce the characteristics of 18Stella and Lineup.

Source: Shimano

Characteristics of 18 Stella

Shimano Spinning Reel’s flagship model “18 Stella” which fulfilled the full model change for the first time in four years from 14 Stella.

This upgrade includes a mechanism to further evolve the “The finest winding feel” that Stella has been required to date. Furthermore, weight reduction and new waterproofing technology are introduced, and we are steadily evolving as a flagship model.

▼X Protect

A waterproof mechanism combining a high water repellent treatment and a labyrinth structure that prevents water from entering the core part. Unlike contact type waterproof mechanism using packing etc., because it is non-contact, there is no hindrance of rotation by friction and there is no performance deterioration due to wear. It is listed on the body part and the line roller part, it can drastically increase the salt resistance and maintain the initial performance for a long time.

▼Silent Drive

Silent Drive is Shimano’s state-of-the-art technology introduced from the beginning of 18 Stella. We reviewed the basic design of the whole body and various drive components such as drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin, worm shaft gear one by one, and thoroughly eliminate fine backlash, gaps and shaking between the parts. It is possible to achieve smooth reeling which has never before been possible with quietness.

▼Micro Module Gear

Micro module gear that realizes a smooth winding feel without lowering strength by densely and meshingly super small teeth. “Micro Moculegear II” which developed it has been adopted in 18Stellar. By reviewing the tooth surface design etc., noise is reduced and a smooth gear feeling is realized.

▼New design spool

The long stroke spool that only Stella has is redesigned to a new design at 18 Stella. This realized a further increase in flight distance.

▼Double handles model

“1000SSSDH” and “C3000SDHHG” are newly added as high gear × double handle specifications.18Stella is also glad that the double handle is equipped as standard.

Comparison with 14 Stella

When comparing with the predecessor model 14 Stella in terms of the technological aspects adopted, “Micro Module Gear II · X Protect · Silent Drive · Rigid Support Drag” will be newly installed from 18 Stella. From these facts it can be seen that smooth revolution performance and technological innovation centering on maintaining it for a long time are carried out. In addition, we have succeeded in weight reduction in each model as well.

18 Stella’s lineup

In the 14 Stella of the predecessor model, it was a line-up of all 14 models, but in 18 Stella whose performance has improved by technological innovation, we will increase the model to allow you to experience its high performance in more styles and targets, It has become a lineup of 16 models. With abundant variations that can respond finely to the requests of anglers such as high gear, shallow spool, compact body etc, you will be able to enjoy with various sensations with various fishing.

In the lineup of 18 Stella, the attention is still “1000 SSSPG” and “1000 SSSDH” that can not be overlooked if they are enjoying light games.Super spiral shallow grooved shallow spool (1000 SSS spool) has been added as standard as the spool size is new and it was only for custom spool.18 Stellar weight is 5.6 – 9.2 oz. Depending on the series, it is also the point that weighing has been done from 14 stellar!

1000 series

The 1000 series has the lineup of the smallest and lightest model of Stella. High performance is condensed in a small body, and it is recommended for those who want to enjoy higher level fishing in Black bass, rea trout and so on.

Shimano 18 Stella SSSPG

$631.31 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella SSSDH

$639.22 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

2000 series

2000series is a model suitable for light games using a miniature lure and small plugs. A spool that has been upsized to the body of 1000 series is set. Light saltwater, Trout game It is recommended for those who want to comfortably enjoy the Finesse game of Black bass from the game.

Shimano 18 Stella C2000S

$631.31 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella C2000SHG

$631.31 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

2500 series

2500series can handle slightly thick lines, making it a versatile model for light game in general. Two types of compact body and normal body are set up. It is also recommended for people who want to enjoy Egging game (squid jig fishing) as well as Black bass and Light saltwater.

Shimano 18 Stella C2500SHG

$640.01 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella C2500S

$647.92 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella 2500SHG

$647.92 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

3000 series

3000series is a model that dramatically improves drag performance and becomes a standard of popular Salt lure game. Two types of compact body and normal body are set and models are abundant. It is recommended for those who want to aim different targets such as Sea bass and Flat fish.

Shimano 18 Stella C3000

$647.92 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella C3000SDHG

$664.54 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella C3000XG

$647.92 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella C3000MHG

$647.92 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella 3000MHG

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

4000 series

The 4000 series has a lineup of models with power and abundant winding volume. Drag power is also very high, it is recommended for those who aim for large and powerful targets such as Shore jigging and Sea bass which are increasing in popularity in recent years.

Shimano 18 Stella 4000

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella 4000XG

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 18 Stella 4000MHG

$656.63 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

5000 series

5000series is equipped with a large spool, boasting the largest line capacity in the series. Corresponds firmly to fights such as Yellow tail, King fish, Big sea bass.It is also recommended for those who aim for large fish at Shore jigging.

Shimano 18 Stella C5000XG

$679.56 Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Existence beyond Stella is “Stella” only!

Source: Shimano facebook

18 Stella is also the best class reel as well as the successive models.Although it is an expensive reel, due to its high performance and durability that it can be maintained for a long time, in the long run it will be worth more than the price. By all means, take 18 Stella in your hand.

Recommend Shimano Spinning reel Stella for Jigging

Stella SW

Saltwater game released by Shimano The best Spinning reel “Stella SW”. Anglers Is not a model of yearning? Here we introduce the Stella SW.


Stella SW is Shimano’s highest peak spinning reel that fused “Strength” and “Smooth” to a high level. Stella SW pursued high quality Winding feel and “Durability”, “Waterproof performance”, “Drag performance”, “Winding power”, “Rigidity”.The body corresponds to IPX 8. It is an indispensable reel for harsh Saltwater’s Big game.

※ IPX8 ... IPX7 (There is no invasion of water amount causing harmful influence even if it is immersed in water for more than 1 meter 30 minutes.) Even if it is submerged under severe conditions under the condition, the amount of water producing a harmful effect There is no invasion.

Stella’s target fish

Stella is the best reel for Saltwater’s Big game, Jigging. It is especially recommended for those who aim for big Yellow tail , skipjack tuna, Dolphinfish and big Salmon or tuna!

Characteristics of Stella SW



Stella SW’s main gear pursues the ultimate strength to catch a huge load. In addition to increasing the thickness, special surface treatment was applied, achieving durability of up to 138% compared with conventional. It is a Strong gear born to control the big game.


We perform strong sealing on the body contact surface, spool, drag knob and other contact parts, blocking the water entry route. We aim to secure durability in Saltwater game which can be unfolded under severe conditions.


Pursuit of waterproof performance by adopting triple lip structure for roller clutch part. Water entering from the gap between the rotor and the body is defended by the first stage lip. In addition, special grease filled between the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage shut out the water and realized wiping of the frictional resistance.


We reviewed the basic performance from the ground, pursuing toughness, smoothness, operability. Each drag washer material is composed only of metal and carbon, and exhibits excellent heat resistance and durability. It also supports the center plane of the spool from both up and down directions, efficiently distributing the load. We are ensuring a smooth and stable drag force.

Stella SW 4000XG

Stella SW 4000 XG is the smallest size in the series. It is recommended for light Offshore game and Shore Jigging. In Light Offshore, Light Jigging such as Yellow tail, Red Seabream and Rockfish are the main targets. In Shore, I am active in a wide range from Surf to Rocky place for Striped Bass etc.

Shimano 13 Stella SW 4000XG

$723.93  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Stella SW 5000 series

There are 3 types of 5000 series, XG (Extra high gear), HG (High gear), PG (Power gear), and it corresponds to various styles from speedy to slow. It is recommended for the aim of Rockfish, Yellowtailfish, Offshore jigging, Red Seabream where powerful exchange is required under harsh environments.

Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000XG

Realize high speed! Recommended for large Dolphinfish and Yellowtailfish!

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000HG

Both power and speed are compatible! Versatile with speedy Jigging.

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 13 Stella SW 5000PG

Slow jig action! Ideal for torque-oriented Jigging game.

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Stella SW 6000 series

There are 3 types of gear settings in 6000series. It responds to various styles from speedy to slow, and it plays an active part in a wide range of fields, from big fish aim from Shore and Jigging at Offshore. Recommended for capture of large Dolphinfish and Skipjack tuna. You can also aim carefully from slow to medium.

Shimano 16 Stella SW 6000XG

Capture a big fish with ultra-high gear! Optimal for yellowtail, Skipjack tuna, Dolphinfish!

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 13 Stella SW 6000HG

Because it is high gear, quick capture! Optimal for Jigging from Shore!

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano 13 Stella SW 6000PG

Carefully from slow to medium speed! Best match in Jigging field!

$851.39  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Stella SW 10000PG

The Stella SW 10000PG features a compact body and power gear that can not be considered 10000 series. Besides Casting game, it is also recommended for deep Jigging of 650 ft class. Deep Jigging will allow for a comfortable wind up!

Shimano 13 Stella SW 10000PG

$936.38  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Stella SW 14000XG

The Stella SW 14000 XG features a good handling and robustness. In addition, the high speed that Extra high gear brings is added, and it will be a big success in Jigging’s Big game. You can wind a 60 lb Braided line 985 ft. It is especially recommended for tuna and large Yellowtailfish aim.

$936.38  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Stella SW 18000HG

Stella SW 18000HG is the strongest spinning reel in Big game. It is recommended for GT (Giant Trevally) and tuna’s Casting game. Even a repeated intense fight is one that you can experience durability and rigidity!

$1,021.36  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing (Out Of Stock)

The best rod for the strongest reel!

For the best Spinning reel of Shimano, the best Jigging rod is recommended. We introduce Shimano’s jigging rod which boasts high performance.

Shimano Colt sniper X-tune S1002H

High-end model in the rod of Colt sniper. “High Power X”, “Spiral X” plus “Muscle carbon” is equipped with a thorough Tuning model. It is a power model that can cope with the running of large fish.

$580.69  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

Shimano Ocea Jigger Infinity Spinning Rods

Shimano proposes a flagship Jigging rod.With natural jerk, you can go after less active fish, and with quick jerk you can aim for quick, highly active fish.

$487.11  Buy at Asian Portal Fishing

The strongest buddy, Stella SW! !

Stella SW was developed as the strongest Reel in history. If you are an angler who has passed through numerous scenes, you will be fascinated by its superlative performance. As a high performance Fishing buddy, you will want to challenge new fields! Would you like do not you experience Shimano’s highest peak reel “Stella SW”?