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Seven sense monster Jetty MJB-1002-DSP type bait

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Seven sense monster Jetty MJB-1002-DSP type bait

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Manufacturer info GCRAFT
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Length (ft) 10.0 Section (pcs) 2 Line Max (lb) PE1.5 Line Best (lb) PE 0.8 Lure Max (g) 40 Lure Best (g) 26 Weight (g) 193
Wangan Day game The Strongest" Rod The birth of a dedicated rod harbor day game covering up to about 26 g of blade system, measuring about 40 g of gravity from the steel plate system, and 6 g of jig head worm. The blank taper adopts "MIDNIGHT JETTY" and builds a blank at the semi-fast taper which batted the bat power torque for full casting 40 g with "MONSTER STREAM". Jute the hooking, blade system, iron plate system immediately after landing and composite the tip with a tight 40t to be able to manipulate it between meals during eating. Because the average flight distance lightly exceeds 80 meters on an iron plate system, the bat section supplements the tension that instantaneously hooks short bytes with 46 t, and designs the bat of the main prepreg 40 t. Just by being rigid, the main size of the day game is also increased by 40 to 50 cm Extremely increase The best mandrel taper and the "carbon curve bending" on the carbon pattern. "If it is harder than this it will not be too bad if it's too hard" Hooking is not good if it is softer "Repeated tests that balanced at the boundary repeated this repeated test and completed the exquisite tension and bending at this port" MONSTER JETTY " Please experience a comfortable game development that is not ashamed of the name of a day game dedicated rod. Aiming at all small, medium and large Suzuki in the whole area of ​​the Okinawa and the harbor, medium-sized river estuary area, mainly the iron plate system of around 26 g, blade type mainly, the tight part which can handle small shallow minor, jig head worm etc. design. In the butt part, I could hook a byte of the waterfall fall, and designed a bat that is difficult for ballet even in Seigo class. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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