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Under the terms of Japan Post, we can not deliver rods that exceed Closed length 150cm. Closed length Rods less than 150cm can be delivered(2 piece rod etc. with total length less than 9.0ft). We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Seven sense monster stream TR MSS-892-TR

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Seven sense monster stream TR MSS-892-TR

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Length (ft) 8.9 Section (pcs) 2 Line Max (lb) PE2 Line Best (lb) PE1.5 Lure Max / Best (g) 40 / M21 / V28 Weight (g) 143
Second generation 892 Sharp flow" Special design for the large-sized group originally 892, titanium frame SiC ring guide total self weight 9.2 g. Second generation 892, Titanium frame TORZITE ring guide unit self weight 4.0 g. The difference minus 5.2 g. Weight reduction by 56.5%. The first 892, the total weight of the rod 172 g. Second generation 892, rod total weight 143 g (proto). The difference minus 29 g. Weight reduction by 16.9%. We made all possible weight reduction possible at this moment with the moment intact. Moreover, the performance exceeds the first generation. For the first 892 tips full 30 t, bat 30 t + 40 t, second generation 892 composites 30 t + 40 t to tip and 30 t + 40 t + 46 t to bat. To make the action of the first 892 inherit, do not give changes to the mandrel, eliminate dullness with high elasticity, improve "tightness", "sensitivity" and "repulsion" for both tip and bat. More aggressive and delicate lure operation is possible in the river more than ever, and "MID STREAM" covers all torrential rivers uncontrollable. Strictly speaking, after the heavy rain and in the rapid watershed with a tidal difference of 4 m or more, because the flow rate is the main constituent of the high specific gravity system lure, reversing flow at sinking minnow etc, yorefield of saltwater wedge, vibe · shinpen etc. It is evolving so that operations can be performed without feeling the dullness of the blank in the scene where it is eaten with a light jerk while rolling down the river bottom. It does not mean that it evolves like a short circuit, because 46t is not a substitute that can be used so easily if there is no data cultivated at the "site". Depending on the area, there is a dream of a large rush in the water increase pattern, and it has the charm of driving the angler. I would like you to examine the phenomenal "stickiness" and "passion" of this "MSS-892-TR" trained with "the workplace" in the scene of that dream, to the torrent current stoicer. Targeting the large Suzuki group at the large, medium and large torrential rivers after the heavy rain, emphasizing the operability of the tempo fast lure that made use of the short rod by using Shimpen and Vibrations 24 g - 31 g from middle and large minnow, testing . It is possible to full-cast the delicate tip of the lure with the delicate tip of the lure and the vibrator 28 g by the pendulum and the pendulum in the torrental river, the tightness is firmly done with the ranker class (5 kg or more) firmly, the tame works firmly, with one hand with no margin without changing the scaffold Design a tough but sticky bat that you can. For knots please tied to the leader and bind with friction knots that do not make cobs. In addition, the leader length can be used less troubles from 1.5 m (1 Hiro) to 1.0 m (arrow drawing). We recommend casting the leader's binding part outside the top guide. Long leaders can not be recommended. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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