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G Craft Seven Sense Moss MS-1202-TR

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G Craft Seven Sense Moss MS-1202-TR

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Item # 4539956311343
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Manufacturer info GCRAFT
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Spinning model total length: 12.0 ft Number of loops: 2 lines: MAX PE 2.0, BEST PE 1.5 Lure: MAX 50 g, BEST M 21 g / V 28 g
Second generation 1202, Titanium frame SiC ring guide total self weight 11.2 g. Third generation 1202, titanium frame TORZITE ring guide unit self weight 6.9 g. The difference minus 4.3 g. Weight reduction by 38.4%. Second generation 1202, total rod weight of 277 g. Third generation 1202, total rod weight 227 g (proto). The difference minus 50 g. Weight reduction by 18%. We made all possible weight reduction possible at this moment with the moment intact. Moreover, the performance exceeds the second generation. In the second generation 1202 the tip is full 30 t, the bat 30 t + 40 t, the third generation 1202 composites 30 t + 40 t to the tip, and the bat 30 t + 40 t + 46 t. Tension" "sensitivity" "repulsion" improved both in tip and bat. Regarding the mandrel taper, both the tip and butt are slightly but finish the slender by changing the taper and the MAX lure weight is also soup-up to 50 g of 10 g UP, it is more light and aggressive placking than ever. "MS 1202 TR" With the introduction of this rod, it is now mainstream, covering the length of eleven feet which is the standard of the plain rod. It is 12 years since Seven sense was born. The answer to the weight saving which continued to develop continuously for many years finally realized with this "MS 1202 TR". Say it clearly. This rod is so light that it feels as 11 feet. Not only casting but everything from lure's operation to hooking and fighting is different from 12 ft so far. In this "Burning Special" which gave one answer to the difficulty of evolving and lightening without sacrificing power, I would like you to feel the "burning passion" of Rosoya by all means. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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