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Seven sense mid stream SR MSS-972-SR

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Seven sense mid stream SR MSS-972-SR

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Length (ft) 9.7 Section (pcs) 2 Line Max (lb) PE1.5 Line Best (lb) PE1.2 Lure Max / Best (g) 38/21 Weight (g) 136
The concept of the newborn MID STREAM 97 SR" birth river game design (reform) SEVEN - SENSE SR "is to use the raw material of 30 t + 40 t to design the same level of blank as" SEVEN - SENSE PE " "Ease of handling" which eliminated "habit" and "habit" is of utmost importance. Especially adopting "easy to meet" tips considering throwability and blanks adjusted to bat. It is "SEVEN - SENSE SR" which is the most important brand of practicality composed of titanium frame SiC ring and its own manufacturing blanks, which cuts designs and cost of various parts to the limit. The second volume, MID STREAM 97 "River custom". This "MID STREAM" developed to aim for the large-sized crown in a place with a relatively high flow velocity (about 1 m / S) in middle and large rivers, developed in a game of about 21 g of minnow and 21 g ~ 28 g of a vibe based game I put emphasis on gender and design it as a bat easy to use. Therefore, it is possible to deal with with a margin without giving initiative to the ranker class (5 kg), and because it is also suitable for the day games up to 28 g iron plate system and some areas by surf, it is dedicated for river games While it is available, its versatility is quite extensive. The allowable range of lure weight is Shinpen 8g - 21g, Vibe 15g - 28g, Minnow 12g - 24g. The best lure weight is 21 g of Shinpen, 21 g of Minnow and 25 g of Vibe are blanks easy to use. Regarding reels, for anglers that emphasize delicate operability, in the case of PE 1.0 to 1.2, 2500, C 3000 class power fight is an angler that emphasizes class power fight, in the case of PE No. 1.2 to No. 1, 3000 , Class 4000 is suitable. In the 12cm ~ 14cm minnow game which focused on distance and operability in middle and large rivers, water increase pattern after rain, falling ayu pattern, bee pattern with medium size thin pen, hakge pattern with medium size vibration pin, pen 20g Blade · 18g ~ Test with 26 g iron board on day game. 8 g Shinpen - 26 g Tip that can handle vibrating steel plate etc without stress and design bat that can brought back big bamboo without difficulty in river with fast flow rate. For knots please tied to the leader and bind with friction knots that do not make cobs. In addition, the leader length can be used less troubles from 1.5 m (1 Hiro) to 1.0 m (arrow drawing). We recommend casting the leader's binding part outside the top guide. Long leaders can not be recommended. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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