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Daiwa Extra Surf T 30 -450  K

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Daiwa Extra Surf T 30 -450 K

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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Standard length (m) 4.50 Number of loops (number) 5 Mounting (cm) 105 Standard self weight (g) 470 Dia. Diameter/original diameter (mm) 2.2/24.7 (2.3/24.4) Load of omule 25-35 Reel seat position (Cm) 84 Carbon content (percent) 93 Images of the products that are on display representative images. Moreover the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.Surf casting rod for full-scale specification pursuing ease of handling to enjoy throwing fishing through the four seasons. Search and explore the syringa. Wait for the time of Kalei. Consider consciousness such as Ainame and Casago. I try to aim for draggies free of big gigs red sea bream and chin. A model that succeeds the pedigree of (extra surf) pursuing the performance and fish that responds to various fun ways of throwing fishing. Sharp shake-through feeling and gutting goodness Lightness Even with the price of convincing satisfaction Daiwa Technologies such as (X45) and (V-Joint) are loaded generously. Fine Pitch Guide Lock Flying K Guide for the purpose of accurate yarn judgment for both Nylon PE Materials Little Sensor Touch Grip for Exceptional Grip Power etc. With extensive equipment from Kissing Fishing Introduction to Tribute Major Aim You can enjoy free surf fishing without choosing the situation. DAIWA TECHNOLOGY ?? The X45 rod causes invisible (twisting) in a series of movements such as when exchanging at the time of operation causing operability and power reduction. Daiwa's proprietary technology that prevents twisting by wrapping a bias cloth of ?} 45 ?? which is the optimum angle for prevention of twisting to improve operability power stability and dramatically increase the performance of the rod. More detailed explanation of - X45 is here ?? ?? High density HVF Carbon rod Reduction of weight by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and closing carbon fiber in the carbon sheet which most affects the performance realized slimming down. - More detailed explanation of carbon technology is here ?? ?? Structure with Daiwa's own bias cloth taken at the joint part of the V - joint section. By smoothly bending the mating part that is likely to be strained it is possible to demonstrate the original strength of a rod with no power loss or burden close to one piece. Realizing a rod feeling without incongruity regardless of whether you throw a fish or not. -V- More detailed explanation of the joint is here ?? ?? Fine Pitch Guide Lock Guide Lock of the Rod Rod Hold the guide firmly by cutting the groove finely. Prevent guide rotation and guide miss during full cast. Adopted a bias structure that does not affect the bending of the rod body. 61

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