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Shimano 21 Force Master 200DH


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Gear ratio: 8.2 Maximum drag force: 5.0kg Own weight: 385g Spool diameter / width: 25.5mm / 19mm Thread winding amount PE (No.-m): 0.8-270,1-220,1.5-150 Maximum hoisting length: 66cm / handle 1 rotation Handle length: 55mm Number of bearings BB / Roller: 7/2/1 Shimano hoisting force: 27kg Practical hoisting endurance: 3kg Maximum hoisting speed: 195m / min Yumeya handle knob type: A Yumeya handle type: BH-1 Electric cable Overall length: 2.5m * The color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned. , / Impact compact changes electric light games. In order to improve one-handed operability, the side plate area has been reduced by 20% and the weight has been reduced. Coupled with the arrangement on the handle side of the power cable, we have realized palming that wraps in the palm of your hand. The main targets are active light games, hairtails, squid, light comase, metal sutte, etc. Among them, with the electric snapper mule, "electric constant speed winding control" that realizes almost perfect constant speed winding, "motor & clutch interlocking function" that eliminates the motor noise during the fall, and the atari speed of the day can be explored and reproduced by hand winding. "Handle speed display" is convenient. The impact compact that condenses Shimano technology leads the electric light game to a new world.

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