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Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z Set Upper 97 S-DR Emerald Ayu

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Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z Set Upper 97 S-DR Emerald Ayu
Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z Set Upper 97 S-DR Emerald Ayu

Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z Set Upper 97 S-DR Emerald Ayu

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Item # 4960652214056
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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ST-46 # 6 × 2, ring (h) Specifications: ST-46 # 6 × 2, Ring (mm): 97 standard weight (g): 18 submarine range (cm): maximum 1.5 m over action: high pitch wobball roll # 3
Supervised by Shinya Onuma. A middle-sized skipping skimming diver that is also ideal for embankment, boat games etc. developed on the concept of attack attacking and attacking!" Hidden in the middle tier. ● Slow Thinking: While it is a long lip model, it takes action in a nearly horizontal posture, so it is difficult for a fish to catch up with it even during the day. In addition, it has a light feeling of wrapping, a high range keeping power, it is possible to trace the kitchenette and the under water surface more slowly to the feet. ● Range: Covering a range widely ranging from about 80 to about 150 cm deep by controlling rod operation and retrieve speed. Even in high footing scenes, you can trace the bottom of the water firmly to your feet, increasing the hit opportunity to pick up. ● Flight distance: By adopting "Silent Weight Oscillating System" + "HGS (Hold and Gravity System)", it achieves both distance and range keeping performance beyond the concept of long lip minnow. - Operation method & action: Just winding only OK! Slow retrieve is wobbler roll. When you increase retrieve speed, it gradually changes to wide waven roll action. In addition, occasionally automatic sliding (lateral) slide (Chidori action) is mixed, it is possible to induce bytes reflectively regardless of day and night. Invite the sea bass that you know is there to win one free, attract attractive sea bass ambushing that is vibrating. Basically it is OK with taddam rolling, but techniques such as keeping swimming while staying in the middle layer of the levee and leopards by using the power of the waves as a back technique is also effective. ■ Silent Weight Oscillating System ■ HGS (Hold · Gravity System) ● Aero Lip · · · Lip stabilizing the flight posture is hidden in the body, so the air resistance decreases, earning the flight distance. Grab the water and dive up to 150 cm at the time of dive. A unique lip which restricted different viscous resistance such as air and water. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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