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Smith D-S line 45 mm 5.0 g CH / S 04

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Smith D-S line 45 mm 5.0 g CH / S 04

Smith D-S line 45 mm 5.0 g CH / S 04

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WEIGHT 5 g LENGTH 45 mm HOOK single hook specification
Eat at Woburn Roll & Dirt Swim! Slim Swim Spoon?C D - S line" Commentary Minnow?C spoons can sometimes demonstrate its power when not catchable. What is the "fishing power" of the spoon? It is a reflection of a spoon composed of a curved surface in all directions sinking and falling. In addition?C hybrid swims such as overwhelming flight distance?C depth of challenge?C wobb?C roll?C spin?C dirt produced by water flow. I think that this is "sports power". Many "elements" are linked to "functions" through "shapes" in spoons. * Minimum speed?C swing?C sweeping to swim: depending on the spoon's plate thickness?C width?C front / tail bend. The thinner?C wider the spoon with the big front and tail bends?C the faster the initial movement?C the greater the movement?C the stronger the traction. To put it another way?C it can be said that swimming is in a state of unbalance. That balance is the essence of a spoon. * Fall: Slim type is early?C broad type is slow. The thicker the thicker one?C the faster. * Appeal: Reflected area of ??light?C its degree of curvature?C pitch and width of amplitude?C wave motion by bend and others?C etc. are involved. * Flight distance: A slim type has a low air resistance?C a slim spoon that does not easily bend trajectory?C has a faster fall?C but it is hard to grab water. So deepen the tail bend and make a swim. However?C deep bends tend to rotate as resistance to pulling increases. Also?C a wide spoon swims out from low speed?C but it is easy to drift because the sinking is slow. The "D - S line" is superior in swimming from a slow speed by the S - shaped bend form which is curved to a tail with a height difference from the raised front?C and in addition?C it makes a solid swimming. It is also equipped with the quickness of the fall by the slim body. Angler has each fishing style?C and there is also personality when you capture the same flow with a spoon. There are three items on the "D - S Line" that you can choose according to style?C field form?C and situation. * 40 mm. 5.0 g. 1.4 mm Thickness: It is a classic stream style with excellent balance of swim and fall. * 45 mm. 5.0 g. 1.2 mm Thickness: firmly appealing to slow down with a gentle flow. * 45 mm. 6.5 g. 1.5 mm Thickness: There is a depth of water?C when you want to sink firmly and attack even in a strong flow. Distance investigation and emphasis on appeal. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover?C the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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