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Daiwa TLX 005 TVS

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Daiwa TLX 005 TVS

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Item # 4960652093347
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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TALEX × BOSTON CLUB × DAIWA LENS by TALEX TALEX's uncompromising commitment for polarized lenses is in common with DAIWA's approach to making things to people's senses. The polarization filter to be the core of the polarizing lens adopts a special filter of only 0.03 mm. In order to make maximum use of its performance, carefully selected super transparent lens material which can not be conscious of existence and sandwiched a filter. As well as the optical performance that suppresses shaking and distortion, it also cuts off harmful ultraviolet rays simultaneously with reflected light of the water surface. TALEX is an integrated production from dyeing to molding. It is the birth of a polarized glass in which the experience of DAIWA against fishing and the attention of TALEX that knows the lens are fused. DESIGNED by BOSTON CLUB Fishing requires the ability to judge the situation in a moment. BOSTON CLUB with high evaluation with high quality and high function eyewear focuses attention on the act of looking at the anglers again. We reviewed the frame design from scratch. Beta titanium front blow molded with high technology is designed so that the tension at the time of installation does not affect the lens. We completed a design with a high degree of difficulty to fit the frame to the curve of the face while setting the lens optically optimum angle. Temple does not disturb the performance of the lens, it adopts rubber type modern with an exquisite hold feeling. It is a frame for looking at what to see at the fishing site without stress. Material Lens: TALEX PPL 75 Hard Multi Single Coat / 6 Curve TVS (CAMO) is Hard Multi Coat / 6 Curve TV PM · TVS PM is Hard Multi Mirror Coat / 6 Curve Frame: Nylon & Titanium TV PM · TVS PM · TVS (CAMO) Ion plating TV: Titanium non-coated TVS · EG: Ceramic coat electrodeposition> With PPL 75, the world's first fully balanced PLASTIC (plastic) polarized lens developed in 1975. Using high-performance filters, TALEX's proprietary monomer casting process realizes excellent polarization and optical performance that is unparalleled. It lacks the unique shake" "distortion" of plastics, it is characterized by its clear appearance and lightness refreshed. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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