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Ocean ruler Crazing wave SWIM SW 20 g

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Ocean ruler Crazing wave SWIM SW 20 g

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20 g
As it retrieves and falls, it swims automatically as if the living beings are moving, so you can attract such targets that the wave is large and scattered extensively. In addition, it is possible to put a switch into the target which is also threaded without incongruity. By adopting a straight hook dedicated to salt, you can efficiently aim for rockfish to flatfish, other, Lata etc. Also, 15 to 30 g are equipped with exclusive eyes so that you can install treble hooks, it is possible to target compact to middle class blue objects, sea bass etc according to situations. Because the weight was focused on the bottom, the hook always faces upwards at all times, not only does it not take root, you can get amazing hooking effect. Moreover, it is stable also at the time of flight, the flight distance is satisfactory. When casting or contacting with the bottom, or to prevent worm deviation by the target bite thoroughly, you can do light fishing fishing with no stress even if you use it all day. The shape of the front cup grabs the water flow well, so you can make the line tension, it is also possible to catch small short bytes. Moreover, it is easy to grasp the location of the lure even in the night game, and it is possible to prevent trouble efficiently and beforehand. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.

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