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Daiwa Spectron Greitype N 1.5-70 m

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Daiwa Spectron Greitype N 1.5-70 m

Daiwa Spectron Greitype N 1.5-70 m

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Item # 4960652857536
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Suresudekaban correspondence, high power stealth nylon Harris Harris for beach fishing, Nylon Harris tend to have a sense of being deprived of the leading role in fluorocarbon in recent years. However, the number of anglers who utilize the lightness of their specific gravity as weapons of crackling cripples is increasing, and they are starting to attract attention immediately. Especially when it is cold grass season, when you fish the point where the tide is fluffy, drop the foods attached naturally as lightly as possible and want to eat it carefully. Spectron Greitype N" is a high-strength nylon Harris that demonstrates its power at such times. Although it is not surprisingly known, nylon has linear strength and knot strength that exceeds Fluorocarbon if it is the same number. "When you want to slowly adapt, but want to keep the strength of Harris", the choice nylon harris will be indispensable from now on. Features ■ Relative to sea water specific gravity 1.14 with a natural tendency to tide, easy to synchronize with coma. ■ Apply slowly to graying up and let it eat without discomfort. ■ In order to capture big things, pursue the highest quality level in straight strength, knot strength, suppleness. ■ Heat setting process to suppress strong drop of knot Moisture nodule strength increased by about 10% (compared to our company). ■ Stealth green color less diffuse reflection of light and difficult to embrace fish. Let's eat it anyway, if you let it eat! ■ There is a moderate tension, Harasu is familiar easy to handle. It is easier to wrap the rolled gauze, and if you stretch it, it will be tensionable if it is a merit unique to Nylon Harris. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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