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Shimano 17 Plays 4000 (right handle) Electric Reel

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Shimano 17 Plays 4000 (right handle) Electric Reel

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Item # 4969363037954
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Manufacturer info SHIMANO
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Gear ratio: 3.2 Maximum drag force (kg): 15.0 Weight (g): 1230 PE [Power Pro Boat game] Thread volume (No. - m): 5-600, 6 - 500, 8 - 300, 10 - 270 Fluor 5 Maximum winding length (cm / one turn of handle) 68 Electric winding speed (m / min): Maximum 170 m / min Spool lower winding line (PE No. m): 610, 6-530, 7-360, 8-200 Number of bearings S A - RB / Ball / Roller: 2/0/0 Handle length (mm): 75 Maximum hoisting force 50 kg, Actual hoisting endurance 10 kg ※ Images of products posted are representative images We are displaying. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.
In the world where 3000 is unbearable, it may be the place where the electric reel should originally play an active role. Fishing at the light deep field and the middle deep field, which aims for large blue objects including yellowfin, ako and kimme, is the most fun. PE No. 6 PLAYS 4000 with sufficient line capacity of 500 m is a basic and high performance model that strongly supports anglers who challenge such a world. By adopting a highly robust HAGANE body, deflection" can be suppressed, and harsh winding can be done with a margin. Built in SA-RB bearings to increase durability, wrapped around 10 kilograms / maximum hoisting speed 160 m / min motor wrapped in a sharp & sporty design comparable to the top model. Equipped with many advanced features including drag, reasonable price is also attractive. As a large electric reel for the first time to catch the run of a large green object and challenge the fishing of a heavy load weight in a deep shelf, this vivid red spool will lead the world of "electric power game"."

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Winding is outstanding!
Reviewer:S.Smith Post date:14/07/2018 Saturday
From small fish to big fish, it can be used widely.Stable winding is also nice!

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