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Daiwa Tenkara RT 27

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Tenkara fishing The optimum 41 cm dancing small dancing rod for the debut Tenkara fishing which is one of traditional Japanese fishing methods. Their simplicity and the depths hidden there have been highly appreciated overseas especially in Europe and the United States and the number of enthusiasts is also increasing. Level line Tenkara" that established the Tenkara style which can catch more simple by taking the evolution of tackle based on the technique backed by tradition. It is now becoming the standard of Tenkara Fishing. In addition in the Tenkara fishing is attracted worldwide attention is a very natural flow of the two fishing with a common tool called "hair Bali = fly" is fusion fly and respect for its simple charm "Fly style tenkara" was born from Fisherman. While emphasizing the efficiency of Tenkara we proactively introduce fresh tenkara fishing with higher game nature by positively incorporating fly patterns widely used in fly fishing. "Tenkara RT" is a Tenkara Rod developed to make it easier to enjoy Tenkara fishing. Portability is attractive as it fits snugly into a daypack with a mini bush specification of 41 cm in size. It also supports heavy taper lines with solid tips that are superior in durability to first-hand tones that emphasize operability. It has a high level of basic performance required for Tenkara pole such as grip that is hard to slip and soft feeling. Beginners who want to try Tenkara Fishing as well as Recommended as Veteran Angler's Sub Rod. Accessories ?? Pill bag"

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For beginners strong ally
  • For beginners strong ally
  • For beginners strong ally
It was pretty lighter and I felt I was not tired despite casting grips many times!

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For beginners strong ally - by , 2018-06-20 09:43:56
4/ 5stars
It was pretty lighter and I felt I was not tired despite casting grips many times!

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