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OSP TINY BLITZ-DR (Tiny Blitz) Tenaga Ver. 2 TE40

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OSP TINY BLITZ-DR (Tiny Blitz) Tenaga Ver. 2 TE40

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Size: 44mm Weight: 6.3g Slow FloatingHook Size: # 8 Small crank that changes the strategy of angler "Newly build a forbidden area" Small crank is used in every scene from top category tournaments to holiday okappari regardless of Japan and the United States. It is one of the lures that has an opportunity to play an active role and is easily kept secret due to its high ability. In particular, it is the most effective hard lure when the bass is spooked, such as in the major field on holidays where anglers are concentrated or immediately after the predecessor. The aim of the development is not only small, but also valuable next-generation performance that clearly transcends existing levels. The honeycomb super HP body (PAT.), Which has achieved weight reduction beyond the limits of ABS resin, and the ultra-thin slash building, which has a clear advantage, breaks the conventional wisdom of small cranks and sets a new standard. .. "Unconditional meritocracy" Normally, shallow to middle crankbaits are used from stain to muddy, but this time we will capture all fields from clear to muddy. A non-rattle, tight action full of shad-like liveliness is effective for biting regardless of conditions. Moreover, depending on the presence or absence of the cover, there are no drawbacks at the same level for spinning and bait tackle, and it is a condition that it is easy to use. For example, pulling resistance was too strong to use for spinning, on the contrary, I could not feel vibration with bait, and I was dissatisfied with castability, so it was rare that either tackle could be used without stress. We achieved the required performance without choosing any conditions from the field to the tackle. "Complete coverage of requirements" Achieves a stable flight attitude and long cast performance that does not seem to be a fixed center of gravity. Flushing with a semi-flat body, conscious of the tightness and naturalness of the shad, keeps the invitation performance without fluttering even in early winding. In addition, it appeals with attractive wobble and roll action even in slow retrieve like a crank, and even if it hits the structure, it does not deviate significantly like a shad and has high snagless performance. The thin and hard HP Slash Building has good sensitivity and conveys a lot of information such as sediment. The specific gravity is set to slow floating with the aim of evoking eating sensation by making it look longer in the eyes of bass with low water temperature and low activity. The Tiny Blitz MR, which is equipped with the ultimate feeding performance and can develop speedy fishing, will change the strategy of anglers. * The images of the products shown are representative images. Also, the color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned.

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Great product
Reviewer:US fisherman Post date:2/06/2021 Wednesday
Small, but great action, cast ability, and avoidance from stuck. Would recommend any field when high pressure.

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