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Daiwa Saltiga BJ 200HL (Left handle) Baitcasting Reel

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Daiwa Saltiga BJ 200HL (Left handle) Baitcasting Reel

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Item # 4960652088329
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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. Winding length (cm) 71 Gear ratio 6.3 Self weight (g) 325 Maximum drag force (kg) 7 Standard winding amount PE (No.-m) 1-450 2-250 Handle length (mm) Knob specification 75-85 Power Light L Bearing (Ball/Roller) 10/1 Bidging Belief Able to Became a Popular Buzzing. The high-rigidity super metal housing with its own precision machine cut, a robust housing, a magnetic shield ball bearing that protects the reel from rust and salt, a waterproof type ATD (with click sound), and the well-known Hyper Digi Gear Adopt and strengthen the durability thoroughly. Of course, it is also equipped with a synchronization level wind that is gentle on fine threads, and clears all the elements required for basing reels at a high level. A high-end model based on the many years of experience of Daiwa, cultivated through repeated tests, the very Made in Field form. The 100 size is equipped with a 110 mm double handle that can be wound more powerfully, and it can be wound until it bites firmly without stopping the retrieve from the strong Atari of a large-sized madai. The low gear model is colored in pink with the image of red fan base, based on the easy winding concept that has been reached by pursuing the requirements of the tie lava. What is the RM (Easy Roll) concept? The tie lava is one of the appeals of its simplicity and simplicity. Just because it is simple, rolling is an important factor that influences the fishing result. With the charter boat captain Nakai Kazuma tester who continues to give results in Kaya, Wakayama Prefecture, which is the Tairaha battlefield, Daiwa thoroughly examines the speed of being able to be wound more comfortably than before and that the direction of the speed of fishing is easy. As a result, it reached the conclusion that the gear ratio of 4.9, the speed of the first half 50 cm, is the comfortable speed that can be wound most easily with a low profile reel or a round reel, and that it is not too late or stressed at the time of recovery. This is the strength that can be continued without stopping the rotation even at the strong Atari of Madai, and it is also found that it is easy to keep the retrieve speed constant and there are many bits of Madai. This easy-winding and good-fishing gear ratio setting was named RM (easy winding) concept. ※ The image of the product is displaying a representative image. Also, it may look different from the actual color. Please be forewarned.

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