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Shimano 19 Sephia SS S76MLS

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Total length: 2.29m Joint number: 2 Finished dimension: 118.0cm Own weight: 87g Tip diameter: 0.9mm Compatible egi size: No. 1.8 to 3.8 Applicable line PE: No. 0.4 to 1 Carbon content: 98 .6% Cefia SS with enhanced basic performance required for Eging rods is a further evolution. Introducing Spiral X to Blanks, succeeded in reducing the weight by about 14g, 13% compared to the previous work. Due to its high torsional rigidity and crushing rigidity, it has evolved into a high-quality bend that exceeds its class. The characteristic is that the whole body looks like a whip, and it is possible to pull out a sharp dirt with a light force. Coupled with the light weight and the light weight balance near the grip, it is easy to swing, and you can experience sharp operation and clear sensitivity. ?? A lineup of items with solid tips. With supple and high-strength Tuftec ??, it is easy to detect visually, and it is easy to catch the smallest attack. (2019 release model) Images of the products listed are representative images. Also, it may look different from the actual color. Please be forewarned.

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