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Shimano 20 Force Master 600 (right handle)


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Gear ratio: 5.1, maximum drag force: 8.0 kg, own weight: 495 g, PE (tanator) thread winding amount: # 2-300 m, # 3-200 m, fluoro thread winding amount: # 3-210 m, # 4-160 m, Maximum hoisting length: 53 cm / handle 1 rotation, spool diameter: 33 mm, spool width: 30 mm, spool lower winding line: # PE2-200 m, PE # 3-100 m, number of bearings BB / roller: 9/1 Handle length: 65 mm. Introducing the Force Master 600 series equipped with "NEW Touch Drive" with intermediate speed setting programmed. Even if a strong pressure is suddenly applied, the maximum hoisting speed is not reached, and the angler starts hoisting at a preset speed. After that, you can enjoy it while making delicate adjustments according to the size and pull of the fish. The initial setting can be adjusted according to the target fish species, such as fast for hairtails that eat a lot and slow for horse mackerel with a weak mouth, so the range of correspondence is greatly expanded. (Model released in 2020) * The images of the products shown are representative images. Also, the color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned.

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