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Yotsuami X Blade Upgrade X8 200M 30Lb (# 1.5)

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Standard: 200m LB: 30LB Number: 1.5 Material: Polyethylene <Specific gravity: 0.98> Color: Green 15cm per 1m White mark High-density pitch manufacturing method x WX8 construction method x GP processing x HST processing is a masterpiece Performance. In general, PE lines have higher wear resistance and lower linear strength when the pitch is finely assembled at high density. On the contrary, when the pitch is roughly assembled at a low density, the yarn becomes straight, the linear strength increases, and the wear resistance decreases. X-BRAID UPGRAD achieves both of its contradictory performances at the highest level in the world, and is an all-category high quality high power that conforms to the "PE thread thickness standard" established by the Fishing Thread Subcommittee of the Japan Fishing Goods Industry Association. It is a PE line.

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