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Daiwa Super Sharp Flounder M-240/R (Bait 2 Piece)

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Standard weight: 115g Overall length: 2.4m Number of joints: 2 Closing dimension: 124cm Tip diameter / Original diameter: 0.8mm / 9.9mm Weight load: No. 20-100 Applicable clamp size: SSS Carbon content: 99% [20newdaiwa2 ] [Daiwa Casting Information Fall 2020] [20dahira], / Pursuing sensitivity that allows even slight changes in the behavior of live bait to be felt at the tips and hands! Achieves further sensitivity and high operability by reducing the weight! By adopting V-joint α and X45, smooth bending and power can be controlled without giving a sense of discomfort to the flounder, increasing the probability of catching a big game surely! ■ Sensitivity area design system ESS adopted ■ Carbon frame guide "AGS"+ Lighter material for improved operability ■ Stronger, lighter and more beautiful V-JOINT α

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