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Shimano 22 Expride 166XH-SB (Bait Grip Joint)


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Wide lineup covers all aspects of modern fishing. A new high-cost performer at the core of Shimano bass rods. ■166XH-SB・・・SWIM & BIG BAIT Concept Making big baits jump, attract them, and make them use their mouths. A technical-type big bait rod for catching big baits that can eat. The big taper design allows the rod to bend infinitely when casting, but does not feel sluggish when the action is applied. It can swing through 4oz. class serious big baits without stress, not only in short distance but also in overhead, and can be cast with high accuracy even to slightly distant structures. This lure is packed with elements to make anglers target and catch fish. Length: 1.98m Taper: R Number of joints: 2 (grip joint) String length: 167.3cm Weight: 127g Tip diameter: 2.4mm Lure weight: MAX 150g Applicable line Nylon/Fluoro: 14-30lb Applicable line PE: MAX #6 Grip length: 250mm Carbon content: 87.1% *The color may appear different from the actual product. Please understand in advance.

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