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Shimano 22 Expride 170M-G (Bait Grip Joint)


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Wide lineup covers all aspects of modern fishing. A new high-cost performer at the core of Shimano bass rods. 170M-G・・・GLASS COMPOSITE Concept The 170M-G glass composite rod pursues a balance between casting response and the suppleness required for swimming hard plugs. The main glass material is built up with "High Power X" to achieve a perfect balance between tenacity and sharpness, defining a balance that enables long casts while making the most of the swimming action of 3/4-5/8 oz. class hard plugs and swimbaits. Improved casting distance allows the lure to swim longer in the targeted range, contributing to increased contact rate with bass. Total length: 2.13m Taper: R Number of spools: 2 (grip joint) Stem length: 179.8cm Weight: 122g Tip diameter: 2.3mm Lure weight: 7-30g Applicable line nylon/fluoro: 8-16lb Applicable line PE: MAX #3 Grip length: 265mm Carbon content: 69.4% *The color may appear different from the actual product. Please note that the color may appear different from the actual product.

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