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Shimano 22 Aldebaran BFS XG (Left)


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Lightweight lure crawls on the surface of the water. The most advanced bait finesse with low trajectory casts. Aldebaran BFS, the leader in bait finesse fishing, has undergone a dramatic evolution with a newly designed magnetic brake. The newly adopted FTB has a longer moving stroke of the brake unit to allow a wider range of brake settings, and the magnetic ring arrangement has been reviewed to minimize the effect of the magnet at the weakest brake setting1 to as close to zero as possible. Succeeded. The new FTB, which suppresses excessive braking, and the low-inertia Magnum Light Spool III have a synergistic effect, and while maintaining the low trajectory that is a weapon of Aldebaran, the latter half of the lure is extended without stalling until just before landing on the water. The crawling trajectory of the lure sends it deep into the structure. This is the birth of the new Aldebaran that attracts anglers with its trajectory. Gear ratio: 8.9 Maximum drag force: 3.5kg Spool diameter/width: 29mm/19mm Thread capacity Fluoro: 6lb-45m, 8lb-45m Maximum reel length: 81cm/revolution of handle Handle length: 40mm Bearings: 10/1 Yumeya handle knob type: A Yumeya Handle Type:BH-1 *The color may appear different from the real one. Please note that the color may look different from the real one.

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