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Tiemco PDL Super Living Fish 4ECO # 26L. magic

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Tiemco PDL Super Living Fish 4ECO # 26L. magic

Tiemco PDL Super Living Fish 4ECO # 26L. magic

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Item # 4930843990472
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Manufacturer info TIEMCO
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Size: 6 inch 4 inch JB / NBC Feco Certified Material
Living legend Yamaoka Takeno's Secret Born and raised on the bank of the Dam Yamanaka Tsumonari with the legendary strength in the reservoir is a worm designed to be used as the core of the writing strategy centering on Flushing Midst That is super living fish. In the midst of the jig head rig the roll of the body and the fine vibration of the tail and the real finish will call the bus at the clear water and bring it to the bite. (Ultra-thin Fin Tail) We can design the size and thinness of the tail at the limit where it does not adversely affect the rolling of the body and I-shaped rolling action that the body does not shake is possible. Of course glossy action of the tail is also huge effect real worm which can catch with natural appeal although it is natural worm. In addition the fin part is equipped with a pin tail which is a substitute for the backbone and its moderate tension when she shakes brings an exquisite ripple to the surface of the water and brings the bus into the bite. Because the hollow body produces buoyancy it is perfect for use in a piku pik which ripples on the surface of the water and invites the bus. Body action: Yamaka Pro thinks embodies the fishing" midst action. An action that is not too strong or too weak will attract the bus. Tail action: It is a design that produces glossy tail action while suppressing extra rolling of the body. Midst Pikpik: There is absolutely confidence in the actions in the midst of the middle class capture and the action on the water surface Piku Piku. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned."

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Good mid strolling lure
Reviewer:skreels Post date:16/04/2021 Friday
Very good mid strolling lure. Different tail seems to get the bass extra interested. A little bit harder to use with hover strolling.

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